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Joanna Atemnkeng

Hello everyone…


I am Joanna MEFIRE Atemnkeng from Cameroon. My love of self-expression through the world of fashion began at a very early age. I still remember my mum’s elegant dresses, full of color and attention to detail - they had the biggest impact on me. My youth was defined by vibrant African batik/wax fabrics sewn in stylish designs by local tailors. It was only after moving to Germany in 2007 and completing my master’s degree in biological sciences, however, that I made the bold decision to follow my heart and become a pattern maker and fashion designer.

At the ModeInstitut Gabriel in Frankfurt, I began my foray into professional training in fashion illustration and design, garment pattern making, and more to perfect my craft. At the heart of my journey, I have always been astonished by the lack of distinct prints in diverse fabrics, the fit deficiencies many women of African descent face with mainstream fashion, and the unethical practices common throughout the fashion industry. Following my passion and drive, training experience, and desire to make a difference, I created MEFIRE.