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Designing bold bubbly African inspired prints in beautifully rendered designs with good quality finishing having our customers in mind is what our hearts beat for at MEFIRE. With the final product in hand, it’s sometimes hard to imagine how much work and precision goes into each step before obtaining the envisaged results. We are a small team at MEFIRE, made mostly of creative entrepreneurial women all owning small businesses. We stand for slow, transparent conscious fashion and only produce on demand. Our fabrics are custom printed using environmentally friendly digital printing and our garments are produced transparently and fairly in Germany meeting high-quality standards.

Print Design

This is usually (not always) the beginning of the process. Based on some inspiration, a concept for the collections is developed and our talented print designer Tamara hand-draws each design and after a series of dialogues and alterations, voila! The final prints are ready. We draw our ideas and inspiration from different ethnic prints, nature, culture, trends and especially what we think our customers would like.

Fabrics and Printing

A selection of fabrics on which the prints will be rendered are chosen and fabric swatch samples are ordered from the certificate holding and ecologically conscious printing mill in Italy, Bluetex s.r.l. Giuilia is our go-to-girl and she goes above and beyond to choose high quality fabrics that meet our requirements. Once the choice is made, our samples are printed via eco-friendly, energy and water saving digital printing. Ensuring we print just what we need.

Product Development

Following the print designs, a number of design illustrations are made following a precise theme by Joanna, the founder of MEFIRE and pattern maker. Based on the highly rated Gabriel Pattern System (, the garment patterns are then developed by Joanna, with the help of Sonja, a talented pattern maker and seamstress following strict technical details from our in-house developed size charts.

With this, a number of prototypes and samples are sewn by Sonja and her team according to pre-defined specifications. Fittings are done accordingly by different fit-models and any alterations are strictly documented and the garment patterns are adjusted until the perfect fit and feel is obtained.

Local Manufacturing in Germany

Once the pattern is corrected and approved, the patterns as well as the technical details are passed unto our local manufacturing team based in Germany. Sonja and Hannah are professionally trained custom tailors who own their sewing businesses. These women are multi skilled across fabrics and sewing machines. We at MEFIRE believe in supporting women and our local talent